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The day we fell out of the sky.

Post by: kasio99

Tuesday, 18 March, 2014

My fiance’ Liana has wanted to go skydiving for ages and we were due to go for her birthday last year though the weather didn’t permit. Secretly, and I know that it is cruel to admit ,but I was happy upon receiving the news that all skydiving had been canceled that August day. We booked another day in October and again it got canceled due to the wind and yes I was secretly happy about that too.

When I woke up on the 8th of March 2014, without sleeping a whole lot the night before, I stepped out of bed and looked into the front garden from my bedroom window. There were birds tweeting and bees pollinating trees. Usually a day like this would put a spring into my step to get out of the house either to socialise or do some exercise. In this instance I wanted nothing more than to get back into bed and I knew that unless there was a miracle we would be falling out of the sky that day.

The Yarra Valley in Victoria is a lovely place and it’s motto on the tourist information website is “Welcome to the Yarra Valley, you’ll never want to leave”.  Bullshit!! “Get me the hell out of here!” was all I was thinking as we got closer to the Lilydale airport.  When we were pulling into the driveway of the airport I was feeling real fear. Remember when you were in primary school and you needed to line up to get vaccinations? Times that by 100 and you might be close to the fear that I was feeling.

“Forty Five minutes??” I was thinking as the lady at the desk told us we were going to be the third lot to go up.  To pass time Liana and I stood next to the drop zone with our heads back trying to spot the previous lot that had gone up about 10 minutes prior. Once we spotted the plane we realised that this did nothing to calm the nerves.  It was bloody tiny.  You couldn’t even make out that it was a plane. After scanning it through the sky for a minute or two I saw a small dot divert from the plane’s path.  A guy who I thought was the work experience kid holding a walkie talkie yelled “One out!” followed by “Two out!” and “Three out!”.  It was when these tiny dots in the sky grew bigger and bigger and you could tell that they were tandem skydivers that you could hear them screaming. “OHHH god” that was going to be me in twenty minutes.

My instructor had the enthusiasm of a Triple M host (as can be seen in the video).  Meeting him and asking a million questions, as tightened up the straps that would eventually secure him to my back, did help to calm my nerves at that stage.  These guys jump up to ten times a day and the sixteen year old girls that that went up before us seemed to have survived.

If you are claustrophobic, I would enquire about getting a larger plane to take you up and while you’re there ask if it has a sky worthy certificate because I bet that this one didn’t. This thing was tiny and had a homemade feel about it.  No wonder it looked so small from the ground. We were literally sitting on top of each other.  It didn’t help that other guy jumping with us was about seven foot. 

The view was amazing as we made our ascent to 14000 feet (that is about 2000 times the height of the guy with us) though as I looked over at Liana I could tell that she was becoming very nervous.  I on the other hand was surprisingly calm at this point, even knowing that I was jumping in less than two minutes.

Ever been to Docklands on a windy day? Once they opened that door, man the wind and the noise.  Before I knew it big foot had left the plane “One out!”. Liana’s instructor began to slide her back towards the door.  It was impossible for me to lean over to give her a kiss so I just rubbed her on the shoulder mouthing the words “good luck baby”. “Two out!”. Before I knew it my legs were dangling out of the plane and I was feeling numb. “Three out!”

It was an awesome experience though I don’t really remember much about it.  I’m sure that it has to do with the overdose of excitement, fear and adrenaline. All I know is that I would have gone straight back into the plane for another jump given the opportunity.

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