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How to get great sales results on eBay

Post by: kasio99

Sunday, 15 September, 2013

So you want to know how to get great sales results on ebay? Let’s get straight into it.

Be Honest - This is by far the most important thing to do when selling something on ebay.  You may get away with being dishonest once, though your dishonesty will reflect in the negative feedback that you receive from the first person that you rip off.  Make sure you clearly describe any defects your item might have.

Include plenty of detailed photos - By including the maximum number of photos that you can helps to reduce the level of risk that the buyer experiences while shopping online.  Make sure you include photos of the defects the item has that you detailed in the description.  It is also a good idea, where possible, to only have the item in the photo without an untidy background.  A messy background will give the impression that you don’t look after things.  A good trick for smaller items is to place it on a clean table with a white tablecloth or bed sheet.  For larger items try to clear the area around before taking the photos.
Don’t photoshop items out of the photos as people will be able to tell and think that you are hiding something.

List your item at 99c - I used to think that this was a crazy thing to do.  Think about it for a minute.  When you list an item at basically nothing you get the attention of a larger number of potential buyers watching your item.  People watching your item will get auto generated emails reminding them that an item they are watching is approaching the final stages of the auction.  This will hopefully generate a bidding frenzy and secure you a great selling price for your item.

Choose the auction finish time/date carefully - Most of the bidding on an ebay auction happens right at the finish. Buyers hold out to the last minute to secure the best price possible.  Make sure you choose a time that you think the maximum amount of potential buyers will be able to take the time to closely watch the auction activity and bid towards its close.  An ebay item that closes at 3am on a Tuesday morning for a local market is a really bad idea.  Many sources say that peak internet usage begins at about 8pm and follows through to 12am. So make sure your auction finishes somewhere between these times.  Also, have a think about high profile events that also may be happening and avoid having to compete with them. E.g sporting events and federal elections. during these times peoples heads just aren’t in it so it’s best to avoid them.

Leave your phone number within the description of your item - This is optional though I truly believe that it will contribute to you getting a better result for your item.  Firstly this provides another channel for potential buyers to contact you if they have questions about the item.  Secondly it is a sign of transparency, and that you have nothing to hide.

Be flexible with payment and collection of your item - Being flexible with payment and collection of your item helps to broaden the amount of potential buyers that may consider bidding. I personally allow the maximum amount of options possible.  This gives the buyer more power to choose how they would like to complete the transaction.  Either way they still get the item and you still get payment. Win win.

Try to be a frequent honest ebayer - Being a frequent honest ebayer will not only allow you to turn unwanted items into cash but it will generate some healthy positive feedback that will help you to fetch some great results in the future.  You will also get a feel for what works and doesn’t work when selling. Nothing beats experience.

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