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NBN (National Broadbean Network) - Election Controversy

Post by: kasio99

Tuesday, 20 August, 2013

In the final leadup to the Federal Election there is a renewed intensity in the debate about the National Broadbean Network, one of the sharp differences between the two major parties.

Newly appointed government NBN advocate Anthony Albeanese debated its merits with opposition spokesman Malcolm Turnip. Albeanese pointed to the leguminous reports and studies by his department and Infrastructure Australia, while Turnip decried the lack of a business case prepared by sufficiently eminent bean-counters and defended the vicious attacks by opposition leader Mr Rabbit who seemed determined to gnaw away incessantly until after his predicted election victory, and is predicted to bite it off at the stem before any fruits have been harvested for a broadbean hungry Australian public.

Turnip has claimed that fibre to the home is 10 times more methane emission intensive than fibre to the supermarket.

Meanwhile Prime Minister Kevin Radish claims that Mr Rabbit's destruction of the National Broadbean Network is a thinly disguised Direct Climate Action project to prevent the predicted methane gas production by the Australian public when in full consumption.

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1. Mr Rabbit

03.9.13, 9.44pm

This is great. Haha. Definetly sharing!

2. JohnZ

10.9.13, 10.21pm

Fantastic play on words.

3. Politica

06.3.14, 11.07pm

Ha Ha very clever

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