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More suggestions for How to bludge at work

Post by: TheFonz

Monday, 15 July, 2013

In addition to this excellent post I'd like to add a few more...

Do your job and tell people about it eg: make a routine call to a client eg: "hey Bob, just touching base to see if you got my email",  then walk into your managers office and say 'Hey I just spoke to Bob", even if you got his voice mail.

When people approach your desk, pick up the phone like you have dialled into a conference call and shoo them away with a wave of your hand. This way you don't need to pretend you are mid sentence.

If you're in a meeting when your mum calls to see if you are coming home for dinner, excuse yourself and say "sorry, I really need to take this".

Use the term "we" and "our" in report back meetings when you had no input on a project ie: "we presented to the client and they really liked our ideas".

When a colleague asks if you are free for a catch up at any particular time, breathe deeply, grit your teeth and be silent for a few seconds like it would physically pain you to fit it in amongst your other commitments.

Send articles from the business section of newspapers or obscure publications or websites to all staff on a regular basis because guys, this is really interesting and we need to keep abreast of this.

When you are bludging out of the office, call someone and ask if you left a phone number or address on your desk, then sound annoyed when they can't find it because "it should be there".

There are many many more things but I'm very busy right now..


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