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How to look busy at work

Post by: kasio99

Friday, 19 July, 2013

If you work in an office then there may be times when you have nothing to do.  Don’t feel guilty for enjoying these short breaks in what is usually a busy job.  It is important however to fill these times with activities and gestures that make you look busy.  If the boss gets a sniff of you not having much on, they will usually pile you up with work that will see you working through the weekend. Below I have listed a few things that you can do that will make you look busy or involved even if you don’t have much on.

Schedule fake meetings and book a meeting room: This is a great way to get some personal items completed while you are at work.  It makes you look so busy that you need some private time to complete your work when in actual fact you’re choosing furniture to suite your latest home renovation. The added advantage is that your work calendar will look full to others and prevent people from scheduling you in for meetings of their own.

“Reply all” to project launch announcements: When someone announces a project launch to the entire business unit, be the first to “reply all” with something wankie like “A step forward for improving customer satisfaction, great work guys”.  This will make you sound like you hold the companies objectives close to your heart and you’re in the know about what other teams are doing.  When all you really care about is how slow the clock is approaching hometime.

Running around the office: This makes you look very busy. Like you only have a few seconds to deliver the last quarter sales results to the CEO, before he has to address the company shareholders. It also makes you look like a moron. But hey, I'd rather look like a busy moron than a moron with nothing to do.

Carry your stuff to and from work in a travel suitcase with wheels: The sound that this makes on the carpet as you swish past people in the office leaves the impression that you are so important the company flies you in from interstate on a daily basis. You will be perceived as the only person in the country with the skill set required for your job. (or not for your job)

When getting up to leave your desk tell others that sit around you that you will be ‘Back at half past’: “Half past what?” you may ask.  It doesn’t matter, simply saying this buys you a couple of hours to go to the local JB HI-FI to flick through cds that you plan to download when you get home.

Go sticky note crazy: Nothing screams busy more than having a schizophrenic amount of sticky notes plastered to your monitor and documents spread around your desk.  This can also act as a work deflection mechanism when you are too busy doing nothing. You can usually tell when someone is going to ask you to do something by the way they approach your desk with a stupid smile.  Before they have a chance to say anything just look up with a concerned look and point at the mess on your desk.  Now if they have a heart they will pivot and walk away leaving you to get back to your time wasting activity.

See below a list of other things that you can do to look busy at work.

Carry stuff - No one will question your whereabouts when you return to your desk carrying pen and diary, even after you have been at a local coffee shop working on your personal website.

Put a pen on your ear - I don’t know why, though it makes you look busy.(also makes you look like a fruiterer)

Have your hands free constantly in your ear - You are so busy that you don’t have time to remove it between phone calls. (yeah right)

Look annoyed - When you look annoyed at work people will immediately think it is work related.  It usually is work related, the fact that you are annoyed because you are at work.

So these are just a few ways that you can bludge at work and I would love to hear if you have any.  Feel free to comment below.

Happy bludging,


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