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Show me the money

Post by: kasio99

Sunday, 07 July, 2013

We’ll start with a few questions.

Would you ever pay for something without knowing its cost?
I’m guessing that most of you would say no.

Have you ever driven down a toll road such as east link?
I’m guessing that most of you would say yes.

Do you know how much it costs every time that you go under a toll gate?
Now i’m guessing that most of you would say no.

So when you answered the first question you were not only lying to me, but you were lying to yourself.

I know that the toll road companies publish all the pricing on their websites though I’m sure that it is deliberately structured in a way that makes you want to vomit.  Check out this pricing page. It’s absolutely ridiculous.  Firstly, all the prices are hidden in PDFs.  Secondly, there are different prices depending on the vehicle and times that you travel.

I propose that all toll gates should display the prices as you are driving through. This wouldn’t be difficult as they don’t have an issue with displaying events and maintenance times that may disturb your travel. Also instead of your tag beeping it could alert you to the price somehow.

Another major offender of this type of paying without knowing how much exactly it costs is Myki. Check out this page.  I can’t even see any prices except for the cost of the card itself which lets face it should be free anyway.

The point that I’m getting at is that we are starting to drift towards paying for a lot of things when we don’t even know how much they cost or put very little thought into it.  What is masked as a feature that “makes it easier for you to pay for things” is really a way for retailers to “sell you things” without you putting much thought into the true cost.

Don’t even get me started on PayPass....

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1. Robbo

11.7.13, 10.39am

Check out this shit! Take a note Myki:

2. Anon

09.7.13, 2.29pm

I agree with the general post. But you lost me when you called me a liar, then you assault my retinas with that offensive background colour. What, was flouro pink not available?

3. TheFonz

08.7.13, 9.04am

This post deserves a slow clap

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