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Heart Sharing Myself

Post by: Glennbrown666

Wednesday, 17 April, 2013

I have heard a lot about this new concept website created by a fellow friend of mine!! I have had a look around the website and may i say i am very impressed with it!! It is easy for someone like me who doesnt really sit on there ass in an office in front of a computer all day sharpening pencils!! So instantly I LOVE IT!! So here i am HeartShare come at me bro'!! Just would like to introduce myself to fellow members, My name is Glenn Brown some of you may have heard of me and others maybe not, Glenn has had all the money in the world, Twice. He also rolls the nickels, he makes the money, the game is his, because he deals the cards, he has also been described as being abit like a box car and jug of wine but watch out he can be a straight razor if you get to close!! Cant wait to share my heart stories and interacting with everybody!!  xoxoxo Glenn

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