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How to not pay your parking fines.

Post by: kasio99

Wednesday, 08 May, 2013

We've all had the unfortunate occurrence of receiving a parking fine and know that they aren't cheap. Just for leaving a car in a space for a couple minutes longer than “The Man” allows you to. So instead of trying to hunt down the parking officer to abuse his mother here are a couple of ways that you can get out of paying them.

The battery trick.

So you just received a parking fine. Don't panic! What you need to do is drive straight to your local auto store and buy a battery that is suited to your car. Photocopy the receipt and return the battery to the store getting your money back. Make sure you give them a legitimate excuse like your brother already bought the one you needed. Now write an assertive letter to the local council that issued you with the infringement.

Here is an example below:

Dear Sir/Madam,

RE: Parking Infringement: [insert parking infringement #]

I am writing to contest the enclosed parking infringement notice. On the [date] while parked in [street & suburb] I returned to my car within the time that I had payed for and realised that my car had a flat battery.

It was raining heavily and I was left with no choice but to leave the car where it was parked until the morning.  First thing the next morning I bought a battery and came to collect the car.  Upon arrival to the car I was  greeted with this parking infringement.

Please take the time to consider my case and the position that I was put in on that evening.  Please see enclosed a copy of the parking infringement notice and a receipt for the purchase of a new battery.


[insert name here]

Don't forget to enclose the photocopy of the infringement & receipt with the letter and wait for a reply.

The chewing gum trick.

This one works for coin operated ticket machines.

You will need two items of inventory for this one. A phone with a camera and a packet of chewing gum.

As you're looking for parking pop a chewy in your mouth. Now once you find a parking space place the chewing gum over the coin slot of the machine and take a photo of it.

Now how were you supposed to pay for parking when some dirty pig has vandalized the machine?

Once again write a letter and enclose the photo as evidence.

Let me tell you that this is for entertainment purposes only and I'm not responsible if you try this and end up in jail.

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1. Tony

08.5.13, 3.44pm

Does this really work?

2. John McFrugal

10.5.13, 11.55am

Outstanding. Thanks for the tip!

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