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AMOK - Atoms For Peace - Album Review

Post by: kasio99

Sunday, 10 March, 2013

Those familiar with Thom Yorke’s first solo album will immediately think that they are in for something musically similar.  A few listens of AMOK will soon enough make you realise that this Atoms for peace album is much more musically developed and rightly so considering the super band’s collaboration.

- Before Your Very Eyes...
Press play and the first thought that comes to mind is Radiohead though around the 2.30min mark this track takes a turn which makes it uniquely an Atoms for Peace track that sets you up for the rest of the album. The vocal harmonies dance around the melody nicely in this one. It also packs a very funky bassline.

- Default
This track was released as a teaser for the album early 2012 and for me  fails to get the response it deserves due to its previous 1 ½ years exposure.  It does however fit nicely into the album and still on occasion provoke the feelings it did the first few time I heard it. The harmonic vocal that surprise you towards the end are priceless.  If you like a dronning baseline with a heavy beat than this track is for you.

- Ingenue
In my opinion this should have been the last track on the album.  It has that sort of emotional departure feel that Thom Yorke is renowned for.  Similar to Cymbal Rush, the last track on Thom’s solo record The Eraser,  the vocal harmony immerses you deep into the song like you are swimming with the notes. 
Warning: Save this for the headphones.  Play aloud at own risk.
Depending on your audience there are two possible outcomes; either you are the coolest person in the room, or shouted at to play something a little more uplifting. Some people have no idea.

- Dropped
Look-out! If I’m at a party, and it’s edging onto 5am, the ipod will be hijacked to play this song.  I will get yelled out by other drunk revelers because it is the 5th time I have hijacked the ipod to put on anything that involves Thom Yorke.  This pop/dance number gets me excited and thinking about the weekend even when listening to it on a monday morning. Love it!!

- Unless
I think this track was placed here to break up the album. What starts off as a chill-out, depending what mood your in or how loud you are playing it, leaves you fist pumping towards the end.  Its deep clicky swirl and bass-filled melody are nicely married together.

- Stuck Together Pieces
my only musical exposure to anyone other than thom on this album is that of flea as the bass guitarist of red hot chilly peppers.  The beginning of this one seems like thom actually left the white board for a moment so Flea could have a scribble.  The bass line in this track is very convincing though Thoms clicky rhythms compliment it greatly.

- Judge jury and executioner
Musically the best track on the album, makes me want to dust off the old guitar and have a strum. Admittedly this track was also released before the album so although familiarity may hinder its response I love it more as part of the album rather than a stand alone track.

- Reverse running
For some reason I think this track is almost R&B. It immediately grabbed me and on first listen and I’m guilty of repeating it before hearing the next track.  It really demonstrates maturity in the supergroups musical experience.  Its clean preciseness is broken up by a bridge that wakes you up for a minute before dumping you back amongst it all. Listen to it and you will see what I mean.  This could also have been the final track on the album. 

AAAAAMMMMMMMOOOOOOKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow.  First listen didn’t grab me. Either did the eighth. I think the tenth did.  This CD is doing rotations in the car but I think I have burned a hole in the CD where this track Sits.  AMOK is a teeth clencher that I can’t stop listening to. . By the final bars of the song I find myself in a trance that I don’t want to end. By far my favorite track on the album.

Thing you need to know.
I'm a radiohead fan.

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