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Post by: kasio99

Wednesday, 13 February, 2013

Hi guys and welcome to Heartshare,

I created this site....Only took me about a year and a half. Pretty cool huh?  Well not really, there is nothing cool about sitting in front of a computer on sunny days & late nights after work learning about php and databases and all the other crap that comes with building a site from scratch.  Next time I think a wordpress will do.

You're probably thinking why I did it?

Apart from wanting to learn the anatomy of what makes a dynamic website, I wanted to make a website where the content is created by you & I, the users.  A place where you can create an account, write something share it on your favourite social networking site (either by using the share buttons or grabbing the URL and pasting it wherever you like).  I wanted to allow great features like the ability to save, publish, update and delete blog posts at your leisure, even upload some images. Try it yourself.

Remember the purpose of this site is to create and share blog style posts and not to spontaniously shout out thoughts (unless commenting on a post). So if you feel the urge to tell the world what you just cooked, ate, saw or bought then please save that for other social networking sites that are better suited for that purpose.

This is only the beginning for Heartshare. Don't be shy to contact me with any suggestions you may have to improve the site. I will be creating a section shortly outlining the improvements I make every release for anyone that is interested in the technical stuff.

So what are you waiting for? Create an account and start sharing you heart with the world.



Follow me on twitter @kasio99, follow the project on twitter @heart_share.

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