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About to crack it at work?

Post by: TheFonz

Thursday, 19 September, 2013

Here's a couple of Simpsons moments that always come to mind when the workplace messes with my sense of logic and reason. This is for anyone who feels...more

How to get great sales results on eBay

Post by: kasio99

Sunday, 15 September, 2013

So you want to know how to get great sales results on ebay? Let’s get straight into it.

Be Honest - This is by far the m...more

NBN (National Broadbean Network) - Election Controversy

Post by: kasio99

Tuesday, 20 August, 2013

In the final leadup to the Federal Election there is a renewed intensity in the debate about the National Broadbean Network, one of the sharp differences ...more

More suggestions for How to bludge at work

Post by: TheFonz

Monday, 15 July, 2013

In addition to this excellent post I'd like to add a few more...

Do your job and tell people about it eg: make a routine call to a client e...more

How to look busy at work

Post by: kasio99

Friday, 19 July, 2013

If you work in an office then there may be times when you have nothing to do.  Don’t feel guilty for enjoying these short breaks in what is usu...more