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Where Preston is going

Post by: kasio99

Wednesday, 02 July, 2014

So the other day I decided to take some photos of the crane at the construction site on the corner of St Georges Rd & Murray Rd in Preston. Is there a...more

A roundabout way of making a Gyro.

Post by: kasio99

Saturday, 19 April, 2014

My older brother recently turned 40 and against his will we decided to put on a bit of a party/bbq.  The gathering was 2 weeks out, poorly organised ...more

The day we fell out of the sky.

Post by: kasio99

Tuesday, 18 March, 2014

My fiance’ Liana has wanted to go skydiving for ages and we were due to go for her birthday last year though the weather didn’t permit. Secret...more

Finding death that smelt of flowers.

Post by: kasio99

Saturday, 14 December, 2013

Remember when you were a kid? We were blessed with small things that we now take for granted. Like my first push bike that expanded my world for miles aro...more

Spiritually dumb

Post by: yesmissrossi

Thursday, 26 September, 2013

There are many bloggers writing about the cultural expectations putting pressure on 20-somethings to have the house, the gap year, the partner, the everyt...more